Cleveland, Ohio, stands at the cusp of a significant transformation with the renovation of the Renaissance Hotel into the new Hotel Cleveland. This $80 million project, set to complete in spring 2024, is not just a refurbishment; it’s a renaissance in the truest sense, heralding a new era for Cleveland’s hospitality landscape.

A Nod to History with a Modern Twist

Hotel Cleveland, originally opened in 1918, is being reimagined while preserving its rich historical essence. The hotel, a fixture in the memories of many Clevelanders for events like weddings and business meetings, is undergoing extensive renovations. The update includes a complete overhaul of the lobby, guestrooms, ballrooms, and the addition of two new restaurants, Maker and Mowrey’s. These changes blend historical elements, like wall murals showcasing the city’s past and marble from the same quarry used a century ago, with modern amenities and designs​​​​.

Boosting Tourism and Economic Growth

The transformation of this iconic hotel is pivotal for Cleveland’s tourism and economic development. Upgraded facilities like the renovated Grand Ballroom and the new restaurant spaces are poised to attract both tourists and locals, boosting the local economy. The hotel’s strategic location in Public Square makes it an attractive destination, further enhancing Cleveland’s appeal as a city rich in culture and history​​.

Preserving Architectural Heritage

This renovation project exemplifies the importance of preserving architectural heritage while adapting to contemporary needs. The careful balance of maintaining historical elements with modern updates underscores Cleveland’s commitment to sustainable development and respect for its architectural history. Projects like these play a crucial role in maintaining the city’s unique character and identity.

A Catalyst for Downtown Cleveland’s Revitalization

Hotel Cleveland’s renovation is a symbol of Cleveland’s broader urban revitalization. It underscores the city’s ambition and vision to evolve while honoring its past. This project is a beacon of Cleveland’s ongoing commitment to growth, sustainability, and enhancing its reputation as a dynamic and forward-looking city.


The reimagining of the Renaissance Hotel into Hotel Cleveland is a testament to Cleveland’s forward-thinking mindset. This project is more than a renovation; it’s a reinvention of a historical landmark, breathing new life into downtown Cleveland. As the Hotel Cleveland prepares to open its doors, it stands as a beacon of the city’s commitment to preserving its rich history while boldly stepping into the future. It’s a clear indication that Cleveland values its past and is actively working towards becoming a more vibrant and attractive city.