If you are focused on a growth mindset and getting more traffic to your nonprofit, then Gen Z
and Millennials are two generations of young people that can help your nonprofit grow
exponentially in several different ways. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits that young people
can bring to nonprofits is networking over social media. Many members of Generation Z already
have prominent social media platforms, and can help spread the word about nonprofits’ mission
and recruit more donors. Additionally, Gen Z and Millennials have deep passions for human
rights and making the world a better place, and are very willing to donate to nonprofits that
support their beliefs.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to attract young people to your nonprofit is
keeping your website up to date and easily accessible on mobile. If young people can easily
donate and learn about your organization through captivating visuals on your website, they will
be more likely to stay interested and engaged in your cause. Additionally, creating various social
media platforms that advertise future events and volunteer opportunities will attract more donors
because young people can easily share the advertisements with their friends and spread the
word on their own platforms.

Though recruiting young people to become donors takes a lot of work, retaining them as loyal
supporters is a whole other challenge. Some strategies for maintaining strong supporters
include being willing to assign them prominent roles within your council or allowing them to take
responsibility for your social media profiles. They are very technologically informed, and
therefore will be a huge asset to your organization by reaching several different audiences
online. Giving young people these positions also boosts their morale for maintaining their
dedication to your nonprofit, which in turn greatly helps your public image. Also, be sure to
always keep them updated with new endeavors and events that you take on within your
nonprofit so that they can get involved and share with others.

Another important way to keep your donors engaged and appreciative of your work is to
continuously thank them for their support. Millennials and Generation Z will be particularly
touched by these sentiments because they know your organization is aimed towards making the
world a better place, and the fact that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make them feel
appreciated shows that you not only care about your organization, but everyone involved. When
Millennials and members of Generation Z recognize how deeply you care about their support,
they will continue to fund you and advertise your mission for as long as your nonprofit stays in

According to Adnan Zai, Advisor to Berkeley Capital, “Young people are the future. If we want to
help the many problems we see in society, then we need to meet them where they are.”

When it comes to nonprofit organizations, the future is now, and the future will be built by Gen Z
and Millennials.